On Pursuing a Journey


Faire demi-tour, c’est une mauvaise manière de poursuivre un voyage.
~ Per Olof Sundman, Académicien et romancier suédois

Retracing one’s steps is a poor way of pursuing a journey.
~ Per Olof Sundman, Swedish academic and writer

I should know a thing or two about that…

Pic: “The Road Home to Reykjavik” by Stuck in Customs, Fickr


2 thoughts on “On Pursuing a Journey

  1. Retracing one's steps is a fine way of finding one's way out of a wrong turn. The simplest way of getting a 'do-over'.Just as sometimes one's dreams repeat over and over with slight variations, to find the right answers to the more complicated questions of life.It may slow down the journey, but helps to keep us on the right course. No point in getting to the wrong place faster. Better to get to the right place slower.;-)

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