40: The Year of Creativity

B-Day Cake+Veuve_3187

B-Day Veuve_3192

Quick quick, before they get here. That is if they do make it here at all because it’s been raining cats and dogs in the last couple of hours. I should know because I walked home from the nail salon in the pounding rain after treating myself to a mani/pedi. It was only a ten minute walk or so, but it was raining so hard my umbrella was practically useless. It did keep my head dry but by the time I got home I had to peel off my soaked clothes—5 more minutes outside and my underwear would have been soaked through as well. That makes me think of a day I remember as one of the most fun times I had with my mum when we decided to go into a particularly nice neighborhood to look for a house we wanted to buy—even though we couldn’t afford to buy one—and the pounding rain that came on suddenly didn’t deter us from pursuing our search. But that’s another story altogether. For today, I know my guests are keen on having a piece of cake, but it remains to be seen whether they’re willing to get themselves wet for it.

I made it to market just before noon today, early enough so that they still had an impressive selection of cakes at the local bakery. Chocolate-raspberry cake or lemon pie? Or how about chocolate-hazelnut? Or raspberry-lemon cake? At that moment I truly wished someone else but me were buying the cake because making a choice seemed impossible. So I compromised: I took photos of all my choices and then bought another cake I hadn’t even noticed yet: a Charlotte aux fruits. Very appetizing. I’d already gone by the wine store to pick up a couple more bottles of Lancyre, my favorite rosé wine lately, but when I got the cake I thought perhaps a nice bubbly might be more appropriate for a 40th birthday. Not something you celebrate every day what with ringing in a new decade and all. While I was at it, I decided to go all out and got a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Rosé. Because I’m worth it.

My guests are my neighbours J and her daughter B, whom I’d invited to share last year’s birthday cake, and I’ve also invited D, someone I met at the program with whom I’ve been sharing my daily walks back home. I didn’t have the courage to call any of my old friends. So be it. I haven’t decided whether I’m up to braving the rain again to try to find candles for my cake. I might just make a wish without. I’m sure that works too.

Numerologically speaking: 4+0=4, which stands for Creation. Awesome. I can certainly use more creativity in my life.

… Doorbell ringing, looks like my guests are making it here after all. Gotta run.

Pics by Smiler

2 thoughts on “40: The Year of Creativity

  1. Yeah, that day was a lot of fun. As for the bit about creativity, well, you WOULD say that being my mum and everything. But it's always nice to hear anyway, thanks.

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