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My guests came despite the rain. My neighbour J was blown away by the fact that I was serving real champagne as opposed to some cheap bubbly. Seems to me if you’re going to serve champagne then you might as well serve the best, even if it means going further into debt, right? You only live once. It was nice to drink such a nice champagne with people who really appreciated it, as opposed to taking it for granted. I’ve been around that kind of crowd and they just kill half the fun with that attitude.

Beth brought me a drawing as requested. I had told her that was the price of admission. She drew a gorgeous bouquet of roses which seemed much too sophisticated coming from a 7-year old. There was a bunch of peonies in a vase on the table. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw them at market today. Usually by the time my birthday rolls around they’ve been long gone and forgotten. So I got two bunches. They smell… well I just wish I could bottle that scent. It defies description but it’s one of the most gorgeous things to experience. We ate the charlotte aux fruits which was quite delicious and also light. Most of us had seconds—Beth and I had thirds—that’s because we know no shame. I made sure to keep a nice big portion for my breakfast tomorrow. Once a year the morning of July 12th I have a large serving of cake with a tall cold glass of milk. It’s a little tradition of mine. I look forward to that more than any other part of my birthday. Go figure.

Once we’d knocked back all the champagne and I’d set Beth up with drawing materials, we realized it was time to scoot out—D and I had agreed to go to the movies this evening, which was actually a big deal for me since I hadn’t gone to the cinema in ages. The movie itself I can’t recommend. It was Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, who plays the role of the famous gangster John Dillinger. The movie had all the elements that I usually very much enjoy; it’s set in the 30’s, there’s cops against gangsters; it takes place during the great depression; there’s plenty of drama, but somehow it all fell flat. There wasn’t much to the script and the image quality bothered me so much that it distracted me from whatever action was going on. D didn’t see what I was talking about, but as an art director having seen tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of photographs I guess I’ve developed an eye and it’s not something I can just shut down whenever is convenient. Still, I loved this outing at the movies. It felt like a special treat. Who says I’m hard to please?

Home. I poured myself a giant serving of Grand Marnier on the rocks. Another thing I got at the liquor store today. I don’t keep that stuff around too often because I tend to go through it in no time. I suppose I’ll have a massive headache tomorrow, but that’s alright. Not like I have to be anywhere. And besides, a breakfast of cake and milk should take care of whatever ails me. I must say I’m feeling quite content right now. I look at Mimi sleeping over on the other couch—she usually starts rolling on her back and making eyes at me when I get up to get ready for bed, and just that little gesture on her part—so eager for her dose of affection—really melts my heart. Life would be mighty different without my kitty cats, so I’m awfully grateful they are with me. And I was also glad to have human company this evening. It made a difference between thinking I’m just a dejected and lonely freak and feeling like I’m a member of society, able to share the good times along with the bad. What more can I ask for? Well winning the lottery wouldn’t be too bad, but I’m not exactly counting on it.


8 thoughts on “Later

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Smiler!! You're turning 40? My middle child turns 40 on the 15th. It's a great time of life; mine really did start at 40, so good luck to you this year. I hope you get to see the foxes; they really are beautiful creatures, and their babies are so cute!

  2. Happy belated Birthday! I am so glad you had such a nice one :) The cake and champers sound delicious and good on you for treating yourself. I hope what I sent you arrived in time.I totally agree with you about the film. I saw it last week and left the cinema feeling exactly the same. Flat. I felt it lacked pace adn focus. It didn't seem to know what it wanted to be; a film about the setting up of the FBI, a film sabout Dillinger and his exploits or a love film about his relationship with Billy. I was very disappointed too.

  3. ArtSparker: as a non-parent myself, I have to say that having children over is plenty refreshing as long as it doesn’t last too long or happen too often!

  4. Bob-kat: I just got your package tonight as I came home! It was a lovely surprise and no worries about it coming after the 11th—that way it just feels like the festivities are still ongoing!As for the movie, I should have hurried a little and caught the latest Terminator movie instead. But I was still happy about just getting out to the cinema, something I always enjoy quite a lot.

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