Light is a rare commodity in these parts this summer. We’ve been getting so much rain—one downpour after another. This bunch of peonies was a lucky find this past weekend since the season is usually over by then. I thought they deserved to be immortalized while they’re at their peak. I hope I did them justice considering the limitations.

Photo by Smiler using a Canon Rebel XTi


8 thoughts on “Peonies

  1. Yes you did and I bet they fill your home with a gorgeous scent! Glad the little package arrived okay and that you liked it. It's always so nice to get things (other than junk mail) through the post isn't it? The card so reminded me of Mimi and the way she greets you that I had to send it :)

  2. Bob-kat: As soon as I saw the card I recognized the reference to Mimi. It was very sweet of you to go through the trouble to send me that package, and much appreciated.

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