Little Things

A Day Rainbow_0534
Cooking class: the makings of a Rainbow Cake

A Day Shadows_0538
Shadows: a rare commodity this summer—you need sunshine to see them.

A Day Red Shoes_0541
My brand-new red shoes: got them last year but had nowhere to wear them to until now.

And where were those red shoes headed to? Why, Holt Renfrew’s of course, and straight to the Jo Malone counter. Again? Again. I’ve already gone though 1/4 of my body lotion and I wanted to get a few more samples so I can start testing and planning what fragrance I should go with next to mix in with those I’ve started with. Apparently, this happens a lot to people who discover Jo Malone: they just get hooked and keep getting other scents to mix together to get truly unique fragrances. I walked away from there with well over a dozen samples. I was also instructed to only use the lotion on arms and legs only—I was going for the full body experience but at that rate I’ll have to buy a bottle every month. I felt like I should buy something what with all those samples and the time it took to prepare them, but H, the lovely Jo Malone lady said I should wait till their next promotion when they’ll be handing out gifts with every purchase. Sounds like a plan.

Otherwise, I found out today that my fresh morning pink grapefruit juice (with oranges)—one of the the most important parts of my morning ritual—may be slowly killing me. Seriously. Apparently grapefruits can have a dangerous interaction with certain medications. I’d never heard about this before today or even imagined such a thing could be possible. Other citrus fruit are fine somehow. Go figure. They’ll look into my file ASAP and let me know if I need to make changes. I guess if need be I’ll just switch to fresh pure orange juice, but it just won’t be the same, so here’s hoping I can keep grapefruits on the menu. But seriously… death by grapefruit juice?? That’s just too ridiculous.


4 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Actually I was wearing a very simple heather gray V-neck long sleeve t-shirt. I also had a light turkoise cashmere cardigan though I may have taken it off since it started getting warmer in the afternoon.Grapefruit: don't know more specifics for now. I don't think it's actually deadly anymore but there was a drug apparently some year ago with which there were deaths reported with the cause being some toxic interaction with one of the grapefruit compounds. Off the market now I think. Definitely nothing I'm taking.

  2. Wow, that sucks about the juice… hope it turns out to be a false alarm.You could always mix in some tangerines with the OK to give it some punch?What's with the crazy cake, btw!

  3. Technodoll: I checked with the pharmacist and it turns out the grapefruit thing IS a false alarm after all with the meds I'm taking. Goes to show that you just never know what next thing could spell trouble though. Enough to make any person paranoid!The cake once it's bakes ends up looking like it has a tie-die effect. Pretty cool. Unfortunately it didn't raise that time so it looked better than it tasted. O well.

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