Birthday Cake, Part 2

B-Day cake2_3259

A couple of months ago, K was telling me all about this incredible lemon cake she’d made and how even her family and friends who didn’t usually like lemon cake just couldn’t get enough of it. So I asked her what any normal person would—I asked her would she make it for me as my birthday cake. Being a good and loving friend, she said yes. She had family obligations last week, but I knew I could count on her to come through eventually and yesterday was the day. She lives out in the suburbs so I got over my usual distaste for taking buses and discovered that the 191 takes me from my door straight to hers in just 30 minutes.

On the menu were lobster rolls made from freshly cooked live lobsters, potato salad, a bottle of Masi rosé wine I’d brought, and the famous cake of course, accompanied by a desert wine brought by J, another friend of K’s. While J & K were boiling and pounding the lobsters to submission I enjoyed a swim in the pool to work up an appetite (had I participated in the lobster preparations, I’m not sure I’d have had an appetite to speak of). The meal was delicious. The lobster rolls were augmented with arugula and cheese. The cake was scrumptious and tasted deceptively light and airy, thought it was made with several tubs of mascarpone. Delicious. Then before we knew it, it was already midnight and we were all getting drowsy—to think all of us used to party till the small hours of the morning!—and K accompanied me to the bus stop just a short block away. It was a truly enjoyable day in more ways than one. My only regret as I stepped onto the bus was refusing to take home more than two pieces of cake when K was about to fill up a giant tuperware container for me. But you just can’t keep your figure and eat all that cake too.


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