On Reading

«Le meilleur moyen d’éviter la propagande, les mensonges, les faussetés,
c’est de cesser de lire.» ~ Alice Parizeau, Romancière canadienne

“The best way to avoid propaganda, lies and falsehoods it to stop reading.”
~ Alice Parizeau, Canadian writer

I’d rather keep on reading, even if it means putting up with more propaganda, lies and falsehoods. The key is to develop the ability to recognize them for what they are so they lose their ability to mislead us.


3 thoughts on “On Reading

  1. If it's the media we're referring to then I'm with Alice. Too much opinion being touted as news these days and it is potentially damaging because the majority of people believe what they read or hear as fact.Otherwise as Artsparker says, sometimes things are a little greyer.

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