Doggy Lust

Doggie Puppy Daschund_0553

Doggie Puppy Daschund_0570

Doggie Puppy Daschund_0572

Doggie Puppy Boxer_0581

Doggie Puppy Boxer_0575

Too bad I forgot their names, because these two little guys made my day today. I think Boxer puppies are my favourite puppies of all. Somehow they make me think of little human babies. Something about their awkward little muscular bodies and soft colouring maybe. Since I’m in a doggy lust phase, and since I can’t have a dog right now—because Fritz would probably lose it for good (at least, that’s my excuse)—nearly every time I see a cute dog on the street I stop by and pet it and ask what his or her name is and occasionally take quick pic too. Dog owners are a very agreeable bunch, and they never seem to mind this, especially when admiring fans like me shower them with compliments about how adorable and sweet and likeable their favourite four legged child is. The Dachshund didn’t come out right. He was all motion and he would have been great on video. You’ll just have to take my word for it that he was a very sweet and enthusiastic little morsel. Even when he peed himself from excitement, somehow, that made him all the more endearing. The up side of dogs being merely passing acquaintances is I never have to clean up their messes.

8 thoughts on “Doggy Lust

  1. ArtSparker: that's my favourite shot of him too! And it's the one where he looks most like the crazy-happy puppy I saw. Puppies are so gosh-darn happy aren't they? Grown dogs stay relatively happy too—that's probably because they don't have to pay taxes.

  2. Jonas:I loved loved LOVED the card! Thank you so much—makes me smile that you even thought to send it to me. I watched it first with all the frills and then over and over a few times minus this or that. "All dressed" totally worked for me. It's kind of cool this year… after all that anticipation and worry, turns out that this new year is unfolding quite slowly and quite nicely finally. Maybe life does get better at 40? One can only hope.

  3. "Life gets better once we're ready for it…once we open ourselves to happiness."Couldn't agree more. For some, that attitude of openness comes naturally. For people like me, it needs to be learned and cultivated and nourished whenever possible. The really cool moments are when you're desperately looking for the next thing that will make you happy and you suddenly realize things are just perfect as they are. I try to hold on to those for as long as I can.

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