Knowing: Deep-Fried, Syrrupy Sweet

There’s something deeply satisfying about watching a really bad thriller on a Friday night. If it’s starring some miscast kooky actor like Nicolas Cage, all the better. If it can’t decide whether it’s a thriller, sci-fi, family drama, or a potential horror movie, the over the top histrionics reach comedy-movie levels and become worth watching for their own sake when the plot becomes too nauseating. If it were any other day of the week, I’d say that Knowing, the movie, really sucks. Not to mention that it requires so much suspension of disbelief that I doubt most adults can do all the necessary mental acrobatics—I know I wasn’t terribly limber in that area tonight—so this movie which presents yet another doomsday scenario, really creepy old houses and blonde men in black coats ended up being unintentionally funny. It’s a good B movie for us big kids who like deep-fried, syrrupy sweet and drenched in ketchup junky-pop culture once in a while.


4 thoughts on “Knowing: Deep-Fried, Syrrupy Sweet

  1. I'm sure this kind of entertainment has it's place. Opium for the masses-type stuff. When you're trying to make sense of a ridiculous plot, you can't also be thinking of writing letters to congress, or such. Plus, according to the movie, the end is upon us, so why bother trying to change anything at all??

  2. Nicolas Cage always seems like a cartoon character to me – I have never understood why people think he is a great actor (although he may be a great Nicolas Cage). Stargate is my favorite B-movie of the modern era.

  3. ArtSparker: haven't seen Stargate, but I agree about Nicholas Cage. The expressions on his face… seems like he's taken 2-3 from a manual and tried to make them his own. I never see the character he's playing, just Nicholas Cage trying to be so and so. Btw, I got Spinal Tap from iTunes based on your recommendation. Haven't watched it yet but will let you know my impressions when I do.

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