Mimi Says: More Cherries Please!

I should count my blessings. This clip (thanks to Jonas for the link) reminds me of Mimi in many ways, only no matter how excited she gets, my Mumu manages to leave the drapes intact and doesn’t knock stuff down—like invaluable antique lamps and such—(knock on wood). If it weren’t for the all that intense shedding I’d say she really is the perfect cat. Otherwise, I have load of pics on hand for a show and tell session about the last couple of days, which turned out to be quite lovely and fun-filled days actually. Just please don’t tell anyone I enjoyed myself for so long because I don’t want to jinx it. In any case, that post will have to wait till another day. I promised myself I’d try to get to bed early-ish tonight.

Gotta get to the grocery store in the a.m. tomorrow before they run out of cherries altogether. I called the manager tonight to ask whether they’ll be carrying them for a while longer and he said I should get there asap if I want to get my share because they’re almost out. No kidding. They’ve been on special at 99¢ a pound this week! Can you believe it? I’ve been eating cherries like they’re going out of style. Now I need to get a whole new big batch so I can bake some delectable dessert to share at “school” on Wednesday, when we have arts & crafts and cooking sessions followed by a collective lunch when we eat whatever has been prepared by the cooks for the day. I like Wednesdays. Other than arts & crafts, one of my other favourite things happens to be baking. Which I am no longer allowed to do unless it’s to share the results with other people—if I want to keep my voluptuous enough as it is figure. I’ll be hitting my many cookbooks for inspiration tomorrow. Something easy and simple but mind blowing à la Jamie Oliver-type-thing. Cherry pie? Cherry-Appricot Cobbler? Cherry Soufflé? Cherry Clafoutis? Cherry torte? Cherry-Almond Triffle? As long as it’s made with fresh cherries and real butter or cream or whatever, I doubt I’ll go wrong whatever I choose to make.


8 thoughts on “Mimi Says: More Cherries Please!

  1. The cat video is cute. I eat cherries like there's no tomorrow. I found them last week on sale for 99 cents a pound and bought 3 pounds. o

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of the "Simon's Cat" series because I swear the cartoons are modeled after a cat I had named Sylvie. I kid you not. Simon's cat and Sylvie are veritable twins with IDENTICAL manners and mannerisms (and propensity for mindless destruction). I can't help but laugh along with the memories. Good times. Good times.

  3. Mum: Clafoutis it will be. I'll be making it next week, so probably have to freeze the cherries until then. Still, I'm quite sure it'll be delicious. Hope you're finding your sanity within the surrounding chaos. (remember: just breathe). xx

  4. kenju: I think I've outpounded you. I got around 12 pounds within the same week! Mind you, some of them I'm reserving to make that dessert to share with my fellow inmates—I mean, companions—but most of them I just keep chomping on throughout the day.

  5. Jonas: I'm sure Sylvie and her ways make for good memories, but I can't help but wonder whether you found her amusing when you discovered the latest mindless destruction she caused… I thank God my cats aren’t like that because I don’t think I could tolerate it.

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