A Girl’s Best Friend

I can’t stop looking at it. If you’re asking yourself “what is a girl’s best friend?” then you’ve probably never heard of Marilyn Monroe or the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in which she sang a little song called Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. I got my first pair of stud earrings with diamond dust particles on them about 5 years ago, and it felt like a rite of passage. Beyond the monetary value we place on them, diamonds have a truly therapeutic effect on me. I’ve managed to turn my mood around 180º on occasions when I was feeling low low low and ducked into a Tiffany’s, or a Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels, where the mere action of the light being reflected of the diamond’s surface and hitting my eye seemed to instantly change my brain’s chemistry.

When I turned 35, it dawned on me that there was a very real possibility that I might never meet someone to spend my life with. Never get engaged. Never get that coveted diamond ring. So I promised myself that I would buy myself one at 40 to celebrate my independence as opposed to feeling depressed about being a premature old maid. Months before my birthday came around, I was feeling sorry for myself, about my current mental and emotional situation, about my temporary lack of ability to support myself, about countless other things, but also about the fact that the diamond ring seemed like a far-fetched idea, out of my league, something I wasn’t worthy of besides. I thought about my parents and of the fact that I haven’t seen either of them for many years now and that I should save my money for plane tickets. But the truth is, it’ll be a while before I can travel again. Even if I’m doing better, for now the prospect of it all; leaving my apartment and my cats behind; sharing cramped spaces with germ-carrying stranger, waking up in unfamiliar places and interacting in such intimate settings with my loved ones after decades of living alone fills with me with too much anxiety.

In I walked into Birks today (our Canadian version of Tiffany’s) with a confident stride and my heart set on giving an extravagant gift to my favourite person: me. The very fact that I can hold that thought without a trace of cynicism, coupled with the fact that I’ve managed to live through the past couple of years to even see 40 is quite an accomplishment, all things considered, and a passage well-worth commemorating with a meaningful piece of jewelry. I chose Birks because they have impeccable service and great warranties. For example I can return the ring within 90 days for full refund, no questions asked. I can also exchange my ring to upgrade whenever I like, and they offer free cleaning repairs and inspection for 5 years. More meaningful to me is the fact that they ensure that every diamond originates from ethical sources and suppliers. With my relatively small budget there were limited choices, but still, I managed to find a ring that seemed to make the clouds part with sounds of angel choirs singing in harmony for a moment. Very classic, it’s a three-stone ring with round-shaped diamonds which are cut so there are tremendous reflections which reveal the “locked fire hidden within the crystal”. As the store literature also says: “The classic three-stone diamond ring represents a tribute to your love, a celebration of the past, present and future. […] Rich in symbolism, the three-stone diamond ring [is] the perfect anniversary or special occasion gift that expresses the timelessness of your love.” Perfect. Now all I have to do is find a church that will marry me to myself.

The Gift_0802

Pic by Smiler


2 thoughts on “A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. do you have diamond earigs [that you got from BIRKS some time ago ] or is it my imagination ; the new diamond ring is definetly a good omen for you , wear it in good health xxx

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