Along the Way

rose petals_0588



Baile home_0615


Rue Baile_0630

I try to vary my route when I walk home from the hospital. Having lived in this city for so long it’s kind of exciting when I discover previously undiscovered areas. Especially when they also happen to be interesting, well cared for places like Baile street. It’s smack in the middle of downtown with the highway entrance and tenement housing on one end, and the beautiful CCA (Canandian Centre of Architecture) taking up the whole length of the street on the South side. People take pride in their well-kept greystones and front gardens. The architecture made me feel as though I’d just landed somewhere in London. Judging by a couple of signs posted among the flowers and one local homeowner’s say-so, flower and plant thieves abound and have no qualms about stealing a flower shrub in it’s entirety. I won’t get started on what kind of fate I think should be reserved for these shameless lowlives. All things considered I felt pretty sure nobody would mind me stealing a few shots.


6 thoughts on “Along the Way

  1. littlewolfe: thank you, though I'm not quite sure what development you're referring to. After every step forward I take a few steps back so it takes a long while to get anywhere.

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