Clafoutis 2_0843

Today being Wednesday, it was Cherry Clafoutis day, which I prepared as a dessert for our weekly communal lunchtime meal at the Day Hospital. The recipe is easy to make (as it should be—this is a simple dish to begin with) and everybody found it quite delicious and it was quite good, but I found it too sweet to my liking. Next time I make it, I’ll either use one-third or up to half less sugar than what is called for or forego the icing sugar. Of course it didn’t help that I got carried away with the icing sugar this time. If you use sweet cherries (or other well-ripened fruit such as apricots, pears, plums, blueberries or blackberries*) as the recipe calls for, they alone will provide quite a lot of sweetness. However, if you’re using more tart or sour fruit, the sugar dosage is probably right as it is. Whenever possible, I make sure to sprinkle plenty of sugar on top of my own personal natural tartness—makes it easier for others to swallow (or so I hope!) :-)

*Cherries are the traditional fruit used for an authentic French Clafoutis, but the same dessert can be made with a variety of fruit as mentioned above, in which case it should be called a Flaugnarde instead of Clafoutis.


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