Kaleidoscoping : the act of shopping for the ultimate kaleidoscope at a fair price (my definition)

Looking through a kaleidoscope is a wonderful experience and every time I do, I can’t help but wonder why I don’t own one myself yet. To me the experience is also strongly reminiscent of what a really really good acid trip could be like (my strongest memory of those times, circa 1984 is of blue fields and infinite green skies). For many years now, I’ve had it somewhere in the back of my mind to get one for myself, but that thought comes and goes and I hadn’t done anything about it till now. I saw some during my visit to Oink Oink a couple of weeks ago—they were the standard cheap models marketed to kids—but it gave me added motivation to look them up online. The more sophisticated kaleidoscopes at mid-range prices are not as readily available as I would have imagined and it seems the market is mainly occupied by hard-core collectors who apparently have illimited budgets, with some models going for upwards of $2,000. The pictures above are taken from kaleidoscopes made by artist Timothy Krause—found on eBay—from both his Tropical Rainbow and Lil’ Twisted ‘scopes (two series made up of one-of-a-kind kaleidescopes). They’re just stunning as far as image quality is concerned, but at $150-200$ US each, it’s more than I was prepared to pay, though I may change my mind and decide it’s a great deal after all considering the stunning images they produce.

17/08/09 Edit: after doing plenty of research I’ve come to realize that Tim Krause’s scopes are indeed a great deal and am presently in contact with him to buy one for myself. He also has a new line of palm-sized Mini Scopes worth checking out—each scope is unique as he’s used different types of wood and ornamental turning techniques—perfect for gifts!

Pics by Timothy Krause


9 thoughts on “Kaleidoscoping

  1. mum: they're harder to find than I would have imagined. It's either those cardboard kiddie ones or the niche collector's stuff. But this Krause guy has some interesting stuff. And relatively speaking, he's cheap compared to the norm.

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