A Good Excuse

Couldn’t go to the hospital for the day program today so stayed at home. I’ll let you guess why (hint: NOT because I was making out with some boy toy).

13 thoughts on “A Good Excuse

  1. How weird. Me too. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the visit to my blog :) It always cheers me up when you visit. I have just posted new pics of my kitties if you want to stop by again. As for my 'business self' – yeah, I can be steely because I work in a mostly male environment and you darn well have to be sure of yourself and sound confident to be taken seriously sometimes! Unlike many of my colleagues though, I also employ emotional intelligence i.e. I am aware of how my actions may affect others!

  2. mum: it's more a question of learning to dose a new laxative newly prescribed to me. So far, seems like it's all (and then some) or nothing. Wish me luck finding just the right balance.

  3. Marie-Jo: heiiiilllllle! Je ne pensais pas du tout que tu me lisais toujours! Ouf! J'en ai eu des sueurs à me demander s'il y avait pas quelque chose de trop compromettant paru dernièrement. Mais bof. Si je publie sur un blog, c'est bien en sachant que tous et chacun peuvent me lire. Mais ceci dit, ca me fait plaisir de savoir que tu es là!xx i.

  4. Bob-kat: emotional intelligence: ah yes, a marvelous tool that is. Somehow though, it did not prevent me from getting into a lot of hot water with people who were decidedly emotionally UNintelligent. But such is life I suppose and the path to wisdom is strewn with many a challenge…

  5. kenju: would you believe me if I said I never tried it? This harks back to a time when I refused to take medication for ANYTHING. I guess those days are long gone now, though I can't say I'm very happy about that state of affairs. o well. Now I can start keeping another pill bottle in my medicine cabinet.

  6. It's amazing how many emotionally unintelligent people there are out there that 'manage' others. I have one above me at the moment who is causing me a lot of stress. Sometimes I wonder how these people prevail.

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