A Fashion Moment


There haven’t been a lot of fashion moments for me these past couple of years—I’ve been mostly focused on staying away from Vogue and the the like as they seemed to eat away at my self-esteem which led me to believe it was no use pining away at designer clothes without the figure or the finances to get away with it. But then again, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming… and if one particular house is worthy of endless reveries, it would be Lanvin. For those who, like myself have always been attracted to the mystique of the label, which was started by Jeanne Lanvin around 1909 and was one of the most influential designers of the 1920s and ‘30s, it’s a true pleasure to see that aesthetic reinterpreted season after season with pieces that are somehow always of the moment while also being absolutely timeless. Now Art Directed by Alber Elbaz since 2001, Lavin combines both the classic and always terribly chic “less is more” approach it has always been known for along with a 21st century edginess—making it very much relevant to fashionistas, actresses and other well-dressed and oft-photograhed women all over the world. Oh, and just plain folk like me, too.

No big surprise then that I dropped by my favourite shoe store in Montreal called Mona Moore today. Mona Moore carries exclusive designer footwear not found in other stores and to my knowledge it’s the only place you can find Lanvin ballerinas in Montreal. In this charming little boutique/gallery, shoes are simply laid out on the floor, though it’s clear much thought has been given to what comprises the overall selection, so the experience is akin to looking at an exhibit in a contemporary shoe museum. I had tried on Lanvin ballerinas last spring and decided I didn’t have the budget for them, but today discovered they had been moved to the sales section, at 50% off. I tried on every pair they had, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. One pair did fit perfectly actually. They were stunning in a very understated way, which can only be appreciated by those who have an eyes for such things. They were made of lizard skin in a soft indigo blue colour that varied as they shimmered ever so slightly and were absolutely to die for—alas, they were also in the three figure category—and still remained at three figures at half off (!), so I managed to talk sense into myself and walk away, but only after a very long session of proper mulling.

They’ve told me they have new models from the fall collection arriving in just a few weeks, which leaves me time to fantasize about what new marvels will be in store next. Something tells me there will be a pair with my name on them and my guess is there will be no walking away from them… so I suppose now would be a good time to start saving for them. If only I knew how to do that…

Just a small selection of the shoes I sampled today:

Lanvin Shoes

They looked perfect with my outfit today. And my tan.
But, sniff, too small.

Lanvin Shoes
Less cozy in fabric but a gorgeous colour that is
difficult to capture. Much too large.

Lanvin Shoes
Way cool in hot pink python. And affordable (sorta).
Comfy too! Just a tad too small…

Lanvin Shoes
These fit!! But I wasn’t crazy about the mirror heels
(to see what exactly?) and really wanted flats besides.

Lanvin Shoes
My consolation prize: these shoes I was wearing today aren’t Lanvins,
but they’re quite special, they were affordable and they’re all mine!

2 thoughts on “A Fashion Moment

  1. Doesn't he look just like a cartoon character? I could swear he just leapt out of a caricature. But unlike many other designers (think Lagerfeld), he seems like someone I'd actually like to know.

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