Good Grief!


Snap! That was the sound of my beautiful gold thong sandals breaking when I stumbled as I was rushing to my appointment at the nail salon. I was hurrying—but not too quickly—with the tropical temperature we’ve been getting I’m prone to work up a sweat at the slightest exertion. Somehow though, I’m constantly rushing somewhere because I always manage to get behind schedule. Would be great to change that because it’s really no fun and much too stressful besides.

Back to the sandal: when it broke I had no choice but take it off so I found myself half barefoot. I was so shocked by the whole incident that it took me a good ten minutes to recover my good senses. I decided it was out of the question for me to walk up Greene Avenue with just one sandal on. Apart from the fear of catching something, I was mortified at the prospect of being seen like that in one of the poshest parts of the city, what with all these snobby Westmounters around who were sure to take notice of me limping along with one gold sandal held in my hand. I cancelled the mani/pedi appointment which I had been running late for to begin with and called a cab to drive me back home instead. I felt utterly defeated. I suppose I could have just laughed the whole thing off and marched on barefoot to get my pedicure, but I was feeling too vulnerable for that.

By the time I got home I was completely exhausted and lay down for a long nap. Then I sat down for a few hours to work on the puzzle I’ve started on the dining room table. I called J Crew, which is where I had purchased my sandals, to arrange for a reimbursement and was assured I would get my money back. Then I decided to start making dinner and got the BBQ warmed up for a few minutes. I’ve been barbecuing with small backup portable tanks since I ran out of propane last week. Today I found out the propane supplier I rent the bottle from has changed it’s policy and will only come by for a minimum of two tanks. Great. I thought the backup tank would carry me through a couple more days of BBQing but when came the time to grill my tandoori-style chicken I found a stone cold, flameless barbecue. Great. I did express gratitude for the fact the propane had run out before I had put the chicken on the grill. Turning on the stove was just out of the question in this heat though, so I dropped the chicken from the menu.

Now I’m drowning my sorrows with too much Bailey’s and praying tomorrow will be a better day. If it’s not, I’ll just put it down to the fact that weekends suck these days and look forward to Monday again…

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