Aimless, Designless & Desultory

Art & Crafts2_0883

Arts & Crafts really is my favourite session each week. I’m discovering that I’m not all that resistant to creating art after all, it’s just that I seem to do better in a space that is devoted to such occupations, decently equipped, kept as safe as possible with plenty of positive encouragement and scheduled on a regular basis. All things, as it happens, I can’t presently find at home. This mosaic project I’m working on will ostensibly end up as a hot plate or trivet, but I don’t really care about the end result—to me it’s the process that counts—namely finding out how pleasant said process can be when the right conditions are present. As I mentioned before, I had all kinds of grand ideas at first on where I wanted to go with this mosaic project and then, finding that I was putting too much pressure on myself, I did what I do best, pressed on the random button and watched as something emerged which both surprised and delighted me. I can’t remember the last time something like that happened.

I found the following in the Thesaurus section on What struck me first is how pejorative the word “random” can be, according to different interpretation:

Synonyms: aimless, designless, desultory, haphazard, hit-or-miss, indiscriminate, irregular, objectless, promiscuous, purposeless, slapdash, spot, unaimed, unconsidered, unplanned; compare ACCIDENTAL
Related Word: contingent, fluky, fortuitous, incidental, odd
Contrasted Words: arranged, organized, planned; methodical, systematic; deliberate, purposeful
Antonyms: purposive”

When I think of randomness I think about the fortuitous aspect of it. Granted in the example provided above, the colours here don’t look anything like the original, which makes it hard to appreciate their subtlety or artistry. It’s also a fact that I spent a considerable amount of time painstakingly choosing each tile and that I eventually came up with a simple grid system to bring a little sense of order to the whole, which I guess can’t be said to be completely random methods (if there were such a thing). I had to make a deliberate choice to put a deadline on it so I can start making something else, otherwise I could all too well imagine myself spending countless hours fine-tuning the piece in some blind quest for perceived “perfection”. Perfection is overrated, bring on the flukes!

Pic by Smiler taken with my iPhone


2 thoughts on “Aimless, Designless & Desultory

  1. It's pretty and a great example of how order can come from chaos – I spotted the grid system right away! I am so glad you are finding joy in creating this piece of art. It must be extremely satisfying :)

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