Deep Freeze


We have been experiencing a dip in temperatures these past couple of weeks, but it would be an exaggeration to say that it’s freezing. Some crazy kids are still walking around in shorts and flip-flops but most folks with any good sense at all have got their sweaters and light jackets on. And while I’m thrilled to take my cashmere sweaters out of storage for these cool autumn days, hopefully the actual siberian weather won’t show up anytime soon.

The deep freeze I’m talking about today is something else altogether. Some financial advisors suggest to put your credit cards in the freezer while you’re making payments to clear off your debt if, like me, you’re having trouble keeping your spending in check. Being the perfect candidate, I took the suggestion quite literally and submerged my credit card in water in a re-used Häagen-Dazs container, then popped the whole thing in the freezer. Now my Visa card is trapped in a giant chunk of ice which should (but is not guaranteed to) help me cool it a bit with the spending.

Speaking of ice, I’ve also decided that I’ll be returning the diamond ring I had offered myself for my 40th birthday. I love the ring but it makes me nervous walking around with all that money on my finger—money which could come in handy in case of an emergency. Then when I realized Birks literally charges double what most other vendor do (other than Tiffany’s and the like), I figured I may as well start saving and get my own ring designed a few years from now. No big rush—I doubt they’ll be running out of diamonds in this decade. I should be this reasonable more often. But then, that would make me a whole different person.

Pic by anniebee, Flickr


3 thoughts on “Deep Freeze

  1. I'll tell ya lady, there's a subtle 'never over the top' style to your humour that keeps me coming back for the latest post. This is definitely one of those posts that spreads smiles from the smiler. Thx 4 dat.Would like to see a photo of your credit card encased in ice. It could inspire harmony through-out the multiverse. Srsly.

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