Victory Must Be Near…

“If you keep trying you’ll end up succeeding.
In other words, the more you fail, the more
you have chances of attaining your goal.”
~ Jacques Rouxel, French comics creator

“En essayant continuellement on finit par réussir.
Donc : plus ça rate, plus on a de chance que ça marche.”
~ Jacques Rouxel, ilustrateur de BD français

“I say such intelligent things that most of the time
I don’t understand what I’m saying”


9 thoughts on “Victory Must Be Near…

  1. Tina: I know it's true. The trick is to just keep on doing it. Whatever “it” happens to be. In this case, I know I can succeed at NaNoWriMo because have already done so twice. Just remember: the goal of NaNo is NOT to write the best novel of all time. It's not even to write a GOOD novel. It's to write 50,000 that can serve as a rough draft. That leaves PLENTY of room for error. :-)Liked the quote on your blog. No such thing as shameless plugs in blogland. If no one ever comes visiting, may as well keep writing in our private journals, right?

  2. ArtSparker: I've just learned a new Latin expression thanks to you. Obviously the Pope's word doesn't mean much to a great majority of us anymore, but I myself tend to like things that can be construed as absolute (or universal) truisms. Then there are those who would say there is no such thing as an absolute ANYTHING. I doubt those people read my blog. Never know though.

  3. Jonas: call me a nihilist, but sometimes I derive great reassurance from the thought that we humans will eventually cease to exist. Unless we as a species start working all together to treat our planet and each other with more respect and reverse all the bad karma we've brought on ourselves, that seems like the likeliest eventuality to me.

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