Featuring a Beautiful Tomboy, Survivor Painter Edition and the Bipolar Ladies Club

There might be a word to define that state you get to that is beyond fatigue and utter exhaustion, but I’m at point right now where I don’t even have the energy to do that 30 second search on merriam-webster.com to find out what other synonyms might possibly exist (something my inner nerd normally thrives on). This state has been brought on by many good things, so this is by no means meant to be a complaint and nobody has cause for feeling sorry for me right now.

I have plenty to tell and plenty to show from these last two days but it’ll all have to wait. I’ll just say: photo shoot with my old musician/architect/photographer friend M and a gorgeous tomboy of a girl who’s got so much going for her the last thing she wants people to know about her is that sometimes she’s also a model, with me as a stylist/makeup artist/control freak aka art director on the fritz trying really hard to keep in mind its not WORK work and it’s OK to really enjoy myself while doing something I obviously have a passion for; A painting class that, to me, makes those survival treks out in the wild seem like child’s play; Followed by dinner with a classmate comparing notes on life, art and bipolar disorder (symptoms, past diagnoses, treatments, lists of pharmaceuticals tried and tested and attending side-effects).

Whew! I just finished myself off with that little synopsis. Off to play Spore Origins on my iPhone for a bit (stuck at level 30 for now—what eggs are they talking about??) and then it’s straight to dreamland for me.

6 thoughts on “Featuring a Beautiful Tomboy, Survivor Painter Edition and the Bipolar Ladies Club

  1. mum: Now that I've gotten to the eggs, the game has ended (only too soon). Unfortunately, teeny little super guy doesn't make as good a videogame as Spore does, but thanks.

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