Noirest Noir

In yesterday’s entry on her blog A Writer’s Notebook, my mum wrote about something I can relate to only too well:

I’ve discovered I function on an AC/DC -type system that alternates between ‘noirest noir’ and ‘gurgling fountain of mirth’. It’s an antiquated model with separate taps – like those hot and cold water fixtures that don’t have a common mixing spout. In other words, feeling ‘just right’ is a purely accidental feature. A temporary event, if ever there was one.”

In my case, I replied, I’m not sure what model of water taps I got—probably the kind with just one lever for hot and cold and in between since I’m a slightly more recent model—but there’s something wrong with my fixtures too because getting the temperature just right is almost impossible; it requires endless patience and ends up wasting a whole lot of water in the process. I figure I’m doing ok when I just leave the water tap alone and don’t really feel anything one way or another. And I’m doing GREAT when I’m not asking myself existential questions. Video games, surfing the net and TV a great distractions that way.

Image: photographer unknown (an attribution would be appreciated)

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