There are now so many characters in my NaNoWriMo draft that I can barely keep track of all the storylines each of them is leading me to. I haven’t even bothered to name them all yet. I just sit there and switch from one to another from one chapter to the next, making them more and more unlikeable and creating as many unpleasant situations for them as I can come up with. I do all this while I sit in front of the TV half-watching whatever is on the movie channels (Edward Scissorhands, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bored to Death, Dexter, and now Underwold: Rise of the Lycans). I’m hoping that by some kind of magic, all these imaginary’s people’s lives will somehow converge and this will all form a cohesive story. But something tells me I need to be paying more attention if there’s any chance at all of that happening. Then again, I HAVE read some best-selling thrillers and wondered page after page what these overpaid authors were doing while they were writing their own drafts for those crappy novels. But unlike them, I don’t have a formula down yet, and I doubt my work will ever get published. You never do know though. For what it’s worth, I’m enjoying the process. And I can’t really ask for more considering I’m so tired I fall asleep a little every time I blink. Energy comes and energy goes, yet somehow I manage to write through it all. Go figure.

4 thoughts on “Sleep-Writing

  1. I've never done any sleep-writing, but I have a cousin who reports frequently nodding off while writing school assignments and continuing to write. She said she learned to always proof-read her essays before handing them in to make sure she had not included something from dreamland at the end.

  2. Mum: the neat thing is when I read back on some of the things I wrote I discover new developments to the story I wasn't aware of before. Doesn't make the writing seem much better, but the surprise element is kind of interesting.

  3. Eve: sometimes I feel like I'm more alive and present in my dreams than I am in my wakened state. We all seem to be so much more creative when we sleep. Only makes sense to get some of that on paper straight from the source right?

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