Behind the Scenes

“Art directing photo shoots is just like riding
a bicycle. Once you know how to do it, all you have
to do is just go with the flow.” ~ Smiler

Today, my friend Mam and I did another test shoot with a different model called Liz. Stunning girl with beautiful freckles, fine sculpted features and long wavy red hair—tied down on the following shots but big, loose and flowy on the other looks we did. We did without a stylist this time too but we had plenty to work with as Liz brought loads of her own great clothes and accessories, and Johanne, the makeup artist—other than doing a great job with hair and face—brought a bunch of jewellery for those added special touches. I had fun putting looks together and art directing the shoot, as M had asked me to do since after all, that’s one of the things I do best. Truly is like riding a bicycle. It comes so naturally to me and I love getting into that zone so much, I’d like to think this is something I’ll keep doing indefinitely (and maybe even keep getting paid for when I’m back in the saddle). Of course it helps that there were no deadlines, no clients, no budget, no pressure. The pleasure of creating beautiful images is it’s own reward. I wish I’d taken shots of each of the four looks we did (4 looks, 4 seasons; something you could never do with a typical editorial shoot) but I was so wrapped up in the process I only remembered my iPhone camera on the last shot we did and as Liz was getting ready to leave. Haven’t seen any of the ‘real’ shots yet, though I know we’ll have too many great shots to choose from (always a good problem to have). Here are my blurry/moody pics in the meantime.








Pretty Balerinas Turkoise Leopard_1111
My personal fashion statement:
recently purchased Pretty Ballerina shoes in pony
from our new Montreal store. I already own a second
(black/pink/yellow/turquoise sequined paisley;
totally girlicious). Most definitely worth collecting.


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