It’s All About Quantity

5,553 words. That’s the exact amount of words I need to write today if I want to stay on track with my NaNoWriMo daily average. I just like to stay ahead of the game. Not that I’m competitive or anything…

But then, today doesn’t lend itself to long bouts of writing what with a couple of outings on the agenda (including dinner with the Bipolar Ladies Club—aka ‘K’ from my painting class and me). Of course I could do several short writing bursts, but then I prefer putting it off to another day and doing a 7250 word spree tomorrow. No biggie. That’s how it goes with automatic writing and me. It’s like the difference between shooting with a revolver versus firing with a machine gun. Not that I know the first thing about assault weapons. A better analogy might be that of playing the piano… once you play for a while and your fingers get limbered up, you can just get into the flow of the music and play for hours with hardly a thought or any effort required at all. Not that I actually know how to play the piano, although I’ve watched my fair share of recitals in my formative years. Which makes me think maybe I should have one of my characters be a concert pianist as well as a gun-wielding psychotic murderer. Which might eventually entail lots more research. Or TV watching. Or something.

Right. I’ll stop here and save up my energy for the next 6,961 words I need to get typed up between now and tomorrow. Sometimes it really is worthwhile to just focus on quantity. Quality can always be distilled from the resulting raw materials down the line.


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