Bathing Mimi

Not very many visits here on the bloggedy-blog on my part lately. I’m saving up my words for the NaNoWriMo challenge, which is ending in just three days. I am woefully behind on the word count. At this point, I’ve decided to let go of my competitive tendencies and just write for the pleasure of it. Which means I may or may not reach the 50K goal this year. But then, as I write tonight and see the word count inevitably climb up, I’m thinking it’s an exercise I enjoy doing for it’s own sake. I had little energy to devote to much of anything at all this week and I had grown bored with my large cast of characters who were each living within their own stories, all of which had plenty of potential if it hadn’t been for the fact that I felt completely overwhelmed with all these people’ lives I had created and now had the responsibility to move forward and onward, for better or for worse. For a week or so I grew more and more discouraged until I was barely able to put together a couple of hundred words at a time, a sure sign of trouble for me considering I usually don’t have much trouble knocking out 3K+ of words at a time. Then I decided to do what you’re technically discouraged from doing when writing a first draft: I went back, started reading some of the things I had already written in the odd twenty-something chapters I had already produced and then, resolving to avoid the temptation of erasing everything and starting over, I started filling in the bits I had skipped over the first time around, as I was in a hurry to get down whatever train of thought my mind was taking me to at the time. It’s all a very involved process. Almost impossible to describe to someone who has never tried to write before, but even the most seasoned of writers will agree that the process of writing involves re-evaluating almost everything we tend to take for granted as individuals. No less.

On a much simpler note, here are a whole bunch of images from Mimi’s last bathing session which took place a couple of days ago. She was a dream and behaved incredibly well through what could have been an ordeal but turned out to be quite a pleasant grooming session. I could go all out and say I do believe she actually enjoyed the experience as she certainly didn’t seem in a big hurry for it to end as she didn’t struggle or try to leave until I was almost finished drying her off. I called M in to the kitchen to witness how incredibly well behave my little girl was being and we had plenty of time to take whole series of pics on my iPhone camera to share with other cat lovers and Mimi fans out there. Now presenting:

Mimi takes a Bath
(Click on images to view full size)

Mimi takes a Bath

Mimi takes a Bath

Mimi takes a Bath

Mimi takes a Bath

Mimi takes a Bath

Mimi takes a Bath

Mimi takes a Bath

Pics by Smiler & Mam taken on iPhone camera and QuadCamera applications.. Click on images to view full size.


8 thoughts on “Bathing Mimi

  1. oh, same post. re NaNoWriMo: never tried it, feels too much like a Dance-o-Thon to me.The best thing about it being to trigger the process if you happen to need a deadline at that particular point. What you describe as 'filling in the bits' sounds like what I'm doing over here. Looking forward to reading your characters' take on reality. hugs (long distance = non-viral.)

  2. mum: I figure anything that prompts me to do something creative is a good idea at this point in my life. I still have almost 8,000 words to go and though it's not such a big deal, it remains to be seen whether I can be bothered or not. Guess we'll find out soon enough. Be well. xx

  3. Jonas: I'm with you on the epidermis. As you probably already know, I have TWO cats. The whole reason I even bother to post about how great bathing Mimi was is precisely the fact that she was so tame throughout the whole experience (I started her young, which is apparently the way to go). I doubt you're likely to hear about me bathing Fritz because I don't think I want to find out what kind of punishment he'd have in store for me if I did…

  4. Wow… bathing a cat? That takes chutzpah. I can just imagine my arms all scratched and bleeding if I were to try doing the same with my feline kids.And the bucket… Don't I have one similar? ;)

    • They probably don’t need them, but since they sleep with me, I like knowing they are truly clean. Mind you, I only bathe her about once a year on a hot summer day. I have to admit I get a huge kick out of seeing how docile she is… so unusual for a cat. Fritz would be an altogether different story and I’m not masochistic enough to want to give it a try with him!

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