Notes From the Cave

Mimi Quad7_1317

Mimi Quad9_1319

It would seem that the cats and I have entered a state of hibernation this month. I’ve been on battery-saving mode for a while now, which is a good thing because I also happen to be completely broke for the next week or so. Which is actually quite funny considering I have a closet-full of cashmere, seriously gorgeous (and stupidly expensive) brand new Belstaff boots and some beautiful handmade Little Bowls by local artist Dorothy Deschamps, to name just those very few things. The bowls I got at the Souk @ SAT on an outing to look at affordable contemporary design with my lovely friend K last Friday, which is where I also found out my spending had finally reached it’s absolute limit. We both got jars of Ethiopian spiced coffee, I got myself a silk knot necklace and a tasteful do-it-yourself cardboard Canadian log cabin for the cats. And the little bowls (also known as pinch pots) of course. I was also very tempted by several very cool stuffed dolls, ultra-modern laser-cut wood hangers, a handmade pink-glazed ceramic figurine of a geisha with a deer head (which I thought could inspire quite a few paintings), letterpressed stationery, lots of great ceramic mugs and dishes and various small items—from salt shakers to side tables—for the house. K was much more reasonable than me and only got a pair of the miniature golden bowls to give to a much beloved auntie in Prague, which is where K and her family will be spending the holidays this year. I know auntie V will be pleased with the bowls.

Above, just a couple of pictures I took while I played around with the QuadCamera application on my iPhone—you can see them all by clicking here. Below, my small collection of pinch pots.

5 Pinch Pots


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