Thanks But No Thanks

As far as Christmases go, this one is turning out to be just as crummy as the previous ones, only possibly even sadder than the others for personal reasons that I’m not inclined to describe here. Lately I haven’t been posting much because my approach to blogging has been that if I don’t have anything positive to write about then I’d rather not write at all. But tonight I must make an exception, following a Skype chat with my mum during which her only request for Christmas was that I post something. That’s the very least I can do. So I’ve brushed my hair and put on some Joe Malone Tuberose especially for the occasion and now racking my brain wondering what I could possibly post about that could have some sort of entertainment value for you, my dear readers.

I discovered a wonderful site called Etsy a while back (Your place to buy and sell all things handmade™) and think it’s a great place to find truly unique items. Having signed up for their daily mailings, I receive their usually wonderful suggestions for items that are often selected by themes (“Snug as a Bug”, “Retro Cabin Renovation”, “80 Gifts Under $25”, “A Tale of Six Cities“). Lately the offerings have all been geared towards Christmas giving of course, and though there were many tempting items on offer, I couldn’t help but notice a few items I found particularly unappealing. Here then are a few gifts I am very grateful for not receiving this year (click on the titles to view the actual listings and see if they are still available!):

Felt Food Lunch or Dinner with a hamburger, chicken leg, and ravioli
Not sure which is worse: having no food at all to eat in the house or having nothing but this plate of felt meat and carbs on hand for hard times.

TOXIC VISION metallic purple tassle studded mini dress
Wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this. The unspeakably ugly accessories are all for sale too!

Fun Multicolored Computer Keyboard To Brighten The Office
A neat idea that somehow went very wrong.

Living Dead Girl Jar
Whatever it is: Eeek!

3 thoughts on “Thanks But No Thanks

  1. illi: this should tell you it's a slow day with the neurons over here: I checked out those etsy offerings. Tried imagining a conversation with the woman in that spandex dress? Didn't work – that kind of clothes must be made for seriously shy people with a limited vocabulary. I said: "hi". SHe answered: "What's it to you?" End of conversation.The Living Dead Girl Jar? hellllllo? Food made out of felt, I refuse to even think about. As for the keyboard, it would add an extra layer of silliness over here as my computer is equiped with an azerty keyboard. Hours of fun mixing the q's and the a's, yes? (but some of the other stuff on etsy looks cool.)bises

  2. Lime Basil & Mandarin is always a good choice. As far as Etsy goes, it's not really fair that I've decided to introduce that great site by showcasing some of the ugliest stuff I've ever seen there because there truly is so much good-to-amazing stuff there. Guess I'll have to make up for it somehow. I'll figure something out sooner or later. Probably later because my brain is on "pause" today.

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