In Other Related News…

I feel much better today. I didn’t go to the DH as I had planned to because I needed to get more rest and get stronger. I spent the day cleaning house and cleansing soul, ridding neglected corners of accumulated dust and grime. I’ve eaten very little but managed to keep everything down which is very exciting. In French Canadian we sometimes say je ne le digère pas which literally translates to “I can’t digest this” when we feel something very wrong has happened and we can’t easily let it go. I think that’s exactly what has been happening to me, only much more acutely this week. So I’ve had no choice but to simply let nature take it’s course. Now I feel more willing than ever to make whatever changes I need to move on with my life. I just need for my former good friend to come collect the last of his things; their presence weighs on me even when out of sight. I’ve asked him to do so and have gotten no response. What is it with me and guys leaving their things behind?


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