Ok, last one before I go. Just a few pics to show the latest cardboard structures my kitties have taken to. I got them this great Kittie Chalet at the Souk @ SAT for Christmas (note the cool cardboard deerhead, exchangeable options available). But of course what do they spend the better part of their time in? Some stupid cardboard piece that came in a box carrying a fan this summer. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it though. They just look so cool in there!

Kittie Chalet1_1450

Kittie Chalet2_1462

Kittie Chalet3_1470

Kittie Chalet4_1471

Pics taken on my iPhone in bad lighting conditions.

4 thoughts on “Figures

  1. It means hunting season has started. I also have one for fishing season and one with their name on it in case they forget. Bat wings too, when they want to tune in to their Super Cat powers!

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