Today’s Favorite Mother Contest


It was a good day overall. I got up this morning without too much struggle. I made myself coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and jam. I ate it all. I wasn’t sick. I made my way to the day hospital on a freezing cold day but was well dressed for it, so that part was actually fun (plus, it’s such a pretty walk up Peel and towards Mount-Royal). I worked on the two bowls I had my heart set on making during ceramics and was free to continue working on them through lunchtime to get them finished. Now they just have to dry for a week or so before being baked so I can paint them (before getting re-baked). One of the three bowls in the series I’ve made will be sent to the winner of the contest: WHO IS MY FAVORITE MOTHER. Mother gets to choose her favourite colour combo out of the three finished pieces. I’m very excited about this very simple project for some reason. The bowls are kind of crude and quirky, but I’ve really become attached to them as simple icons of unbridled and un-self-conscious creativity (all the while using a mould— ha ha.)

Had a nice talk with J, my former main caregiver. We always do have interesting talks and I value her opinion because she can relate personally to so many things I go through myself, yet she manages to stay healthy and positive through it all.

Went over to Bleu comme le ciel and Clio Blue to make small payments on some jewellery I’ve put aside. I can take all my time to pay it off and I keep telling myself I won’t shop anymore when I’ve paid those pieces off.

Had a great therapy/venting session with my psychologist.

Got home to find that “friend” had passed by to pick up things, save for rollerblades which had been sitting here for many years. I had expressly asked not to come in my absence as wanted to make sure he got everything and my keys didn’t get left outside in the mailbox (I still like to play it safe in a very public kind of neighbourhood). He thought he would come alone to avoid a screaming tirade—which shows how little he knows me—after the big blowup, comes: the deep freeze. There was a great bottle of wine with a short note waiting for me, but I knew I couldn’t stomach that wine ever. Yes, even a Chateauneuf du Pape can taste bitter to me under the wrong circumstances. Plus it was RED wine, which doesn’t agree with me well at all these days. There was an exchange of emails. I misinterpreted and missed bits and pieces. He was just being a typical GUY about it. I need time to get over my anger and just focus on taking care of myself.

Went out to buy a couple of bottles of scotch (to slowly sample at my own rhythm) and a bottle of WHITE Chateauneuf du Pape. For New Year’s of course.

Spent the evenings watching truly funny shows on HBO; Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage (with that great scene of Matt Damon having a complete meltdown on the phone), Flight of the Conchords (as aforementioned), Six Feet Under (not so funny but so great I have decided it}s worth purchasing the whole series to watch several times over), Eastbound & Down (with aforementioned Kenny Powers). All the while have been slowly comparing between two scotches (Glengoyne and Glendronach), both twelve year olds but at different price-points. The former is stronger at 57.2% of alcohol content and pricier too, but much smoother with a velvetiness like brandy and a smell like the best kind of fruitcake ever (for people who love fruitcake like I do). This from someone who took wine-tasting courses but still can’t figure out how to describe wine & spirits. The latter is a bit coarser, but with a sharp fruity ending as it was finished off in sherry caskets. Not sure why it is that I’m discovering and appreciating scotch so much at this point in my life—not something I would have ever predicted, and makes me sound a little bit of an alkie—or an old lady (or both)—I do realize, but there we have it.

Tomorrow and Thursday have booked a 25 minute, then a 1 hour and 25 minute massage. It started with just one but since I didn’t use up my allowance in massage from the insurance company these past couple of years, I decided to book one sooner to help take care of the backache I got from lying around too much while sick. Uhhh… yoga maybe? Yes, that will definitely feature heavily in my new schedule for the New Year.

It’s late. Must get some sleep, otherwise I can see myself start to spin a little bit too fast with too little sleep and so much going on.



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