Six Feet Under: A Good Place to Be


When real life sucks, there’s always some place to escape to. I somehow missed all of Six Feet Under while it was running originally but have been watching it almost religiously on HBO since they started showing all the seasons back-to-back every week night. I’ve gotten really attached to the Fisher family. I think this is partly because they’re a kind of fantasy many of us have of what family should be like. Sure they’re all majorly fucked up (isn’t everyone?) and the father is technically dead, but at least they all continue interacting in meaningful ways and are there for each other—at least physically—through the good and the truly awful. Which is more than one can say about most families nowadays. Heck, even the dead father still sticks around and is probably more present than he ever was while he was still alive.

It wouldn’t be much of a show if they showed a family as they really are nowadays; dad watching sports on TV while wife does whatever she does during that time, kids playing video games or trolling the internet. Entire days going by without anyone saying a word to one another; not even “pass the salt” since nobody takes the times to sit together for family dinner anymore. Entire relationships nowadays are lived out via text messaging and Facebook… this is what it’s come to. (Big sigh)

This weekend has been spent catching up with the Fishers and watching those episodes I somehow managed to miss. I guess its a sad state of affairs that I find their lives to be a kind of utopia, but there you have it. It’s so well written and the acting is so good that I find myself truly involved in each of the character’s lives. Ruth, the mother, has become one of my favourites, though I couldn’t explain why since she and I couldn’t be farther apart from each other in every conceivable way. I watched some episodes for free on TV Shack (where seasons 1 and 2 are currently available) and then moved on to iTunes where all five seasons are available and you can just download those episodes you want to watch. It was either that, or not get out of bed at all this weekend, in which case I for sure would have had nothing to blog about.


3 thoughts on “Six Feet Under: A Good Place to Be

  1. I once met Rachel Griffiths in a local kids playground. I spent most of the time thinking "Where the hell do I know this woman from?" And then my MIL arrived and said (in extremely animated loud-hushed tones) "OMG that's Rachel Griffiths!" and yes I felt like an idiot.

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