What Me? A Favourite?

I guess I should just shut up and be grateful, but it really disturbs me that the good folks at J CREW have taken to sending me gifts on birthdays and holidays as a ‘favorite’ customer. Sure, I’m friendly enough with the customer service agents, but something tells me I made that list for other reasons than my well-honed phone skills. Could this have something to do with my large cashmere collection and the even larger consolidation loan I had to take out recently? Perhaps. Very likely. Since I’m already in their favours and love their merchandise so much, perhaps I should go ahead and apply for a job at their NYC headquarters. As soon as I’m able to stay awake long enough to work again, that is. That way I could start my life over in the Big Apple, enjoy employee discounts, and even possibly pay off that loan a little bit faster…

p.s. My New Year gift is a beautiful 2010 agenda featuring maps of the world’s major cities. Outside cover is Bright Deep Salmon, funky print on inside covers, pages edged in silver, discrete silver J CREW logo on back cover.  I store all my info electronically so have no use for it. I should list it on Smiler’s Bazaar. Anyone interested? It’s yours for the price of postage + a small handling fee (at this point, every little bit counts).

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