Summer Heights High

My latest discovery on HBO: Mr G and Ja’mie King in Summer Heights High. It’s my latest instant favourite. The show is a 2007 “Mocumentary” about public high school life in Australia created, written by and starring Chis Lilley, who portrays three different characters at the fictitious high school; effeminate and megalomaniacal “Director of Performing Arts” Mr G; self-absorbed, overprivileged teenager Ja’mie King; and problem child, disobedient student Jonah Takalua. Bitingly funny, and all too close to the real thing for comfort sometimes. Here’s a little sampling of each:

Ja’mie King – Summer Heights High, Ep 01

Here she is in Ep 02 at her first day at school. And what a bitch!  8:20
Here’s Ja’mie Flirting with a Boy.  1:41

Summer Heights High – Introducing Mr G, Ep 01

Here he is working on a new musical.  1:48
And of course, holding the auditions from hell.  1:15

This… well… here is Jonah the trouble child.  1:30


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