Pop Star Dreams


It’s at times like this I’m really grateful for Robbie Williams’s generous contributions as a video artist.


5 thoughts on “Pop Star Dreams

  1. Queen of the Universe: I haven't actually seen recent photos of him for a while so I couldn't say for sure, but I'm all too happy to look at his old stuff, so easy on the eyes.

  2. Asa: man do I ever know what you mean. I've always known that he is a troubled person what with all the drugs and drinking (supposedly in the past). I'm fairly certain he is also Bipolar and it never ceases to amaze me how he's managed to make such a success of himself in light of that. He wasn't looking so good in the past couple of years while he was in L.A. but somehow, I could identify to that, having gone through my own low period around the same time. As for that specific look spelling trouble, TELL ME ABOUT IT. I don't know if you remember, but there is a certain ex that I went out with a couple of years ago who looked so much like him it was uncanny. And talk about major PROBLEMS. OMG. Even if the planets collided in a weird way and we met in some parallel life, I don't think I'd want him in my life for real. That's why I enjoy having him as a fantasy. Sufficiently fulfills my yearning for bad boys while keeping me at a very safe distance. So far it's the simplest and most workable relationship I've ever had with a man. lol.

  3. mum: never occurred to me that you'd find him to your liking in the first place. But thanks, I guess. Mine and millions of other fans— plus the fact that I don't actually want him for real or anything—unless eventually so required for professional reasons of course.

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