Not That Kind Of Bi.

Girl with Pink Scarf

At some point in the past couple of days, Mimi decided she wanted to join Facebook and start making new friends. Who was I to stop her? As it is the poor thing only gets to hang out with Fritz and I and whatever guests happen to drop by my place every once in a while. Since I won’t let her go outside (for her own safety and my peace of mind), I figured Facebook was the next best option as a virtual playground. I’m not sure what she’s up to exactly, but all I do know is she’s been hogging the computer and that after only a couple of days she already has more friends that I do, among which (to name names) Christopher Hitchens. How she managed that, I guess I’ll never know for sure.

Mimi and I started a Facebook group called Not That Kind Of Bi. Essentially I’d like it to become a forum for people to exchange about mental health in general and bipolar disorder in particular in an open, relaxed setting. I want to do something about helping to lift the taboo because it concerns everyone in the end and Facebook is just the right kind of forum to do it in. If you’re not on Facebook yet, Not That Kind Of Bi. is yet another good reason to sign up.

Illustration by Smiler 2001(?)

7 thoughts on “Not That Kind Of Bi.

  1. I joined the site. My former son-in-law was most definitely bi-polar, although he had not been diagnosed. His brother had, however, and they were alike. Interestingly enough, both of them were adopted and came from different backgrounds, so I always wondered if there was a "nurture" element to their illness, not nature.

  2. Mum: I wonder what memories that would be? I chose it because a) I happen to like it b) it was supposed to be a drawing of someone else and ended up looking a bit like me at a time when I was definitely frazzled, to say the least! and c) I own the copyright. ;-)

  3. kenju: from what I've gleaned, it's very difficult even for specialists to determine whether nature or nurture played a more significant role in many cases. As for going undiagnosed, it's impossible to get proper statistics on what percentage of the population actually has Bipolar because for one, many people don't seek treatment or counsel and therefore go undiagnosed and second, because even medical experts have a hard time agreeing on what constitutes Bipolar Disorder as opposed to Unipolar Depression or Mania. There's so much to say on these topics, but I must be brief for now. If you'd like to open a discussion about nature vs nurture (a most relevant topic!), I invite you to post it in the discussions section of the group, or simply on the wall. Thanks for joining!p.s. I've posted this comment on our group page too. Good conversation starter.

  4. i really dig your stuff. i'm still pretty new to the blog scene. friends suckered me into it. when i come across a blog like yours, i don't feel like i'm wasting my time. haha. anyway, i'm at: . follow me, if that's cool with you, so i can check up on your blog. if you could give me some pointers on how to make a better blog, critique me, and show me how to "decorate" at little, that would be appreciated. hope to talk to you more. keep up the work. -Troy

  5. kenju: I read back what I wrote to you and just want to rephrase what I said about specialists and the nature vs. nurture thing. In the great majority of cases, there are genetic antecedents. But what can be questioned is whether someone with a genetic predisposition might not learn or 'unlearn' certain behaviours which may bring on or rather deter the symptoms and the onset of the illness. Hope I'm making myself more clear here. :-)

  6. Troy: I am thrilled & terribly flattered a busy and able bodied young man such as yourself has deemed my blog worthy of a dig, and furthermore, I am certainly glad to know that it doesn't seem like a waste of your time.As for me, in a nutshell, on paper I'm a Senior Art Director with extensive publishing and production experience. I'm currently in the process of seriously having to reconsider my priorities in life. At this time I unfortunately cannot accept any new work. I'd love to do you a 'solid', but I don't know how to be non-professional about things that to me require proper thought and consideration, which means time away from the things that are helping me keep it together lately, which means work I am strongly disadvised to do at this time. I do wish you plenty of fun with your blog, looks like a pretty good trip for you. :-)

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