Woke up with a terrible migraine today after a series of disturbing dreams. Desperately wanted to stay in bed, but had an appointment with my shrink whom I don’t see that often as it is. I made my way there feeling like shit, looking like shit. She had one look at me and said I looked awful (more or less). I told her about the past few weeks. When I got done telling her about my so called wonderful holidays, she said “no wonder it set you back, with trauma like that, anyone would have a hard time coming around”. That’s what it comes down to. That’s what people who claim do be friends and don’t actually act like friends do: they do damage. Yes, I’m doing what I need to to get over it, but it’s taking much longer than I’d like. Wake me up if and when the world becomes a better place. I’m going to try to sleep off that migraine now.


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