Not That Kind Of Marathon

Aw man am I ever confused. I remember going to to my first Jewellery class on Saturday and then being completely exhausted when I got home. I decided to lie down on my comfy couch for a bit and maybe watch a movie but before I knew it I was out like a light. At some point I crawled into bed and continued sleeping well into Sunday. I vaguely recall getting up to eat a bowl of oatmeal on Sunday and seeing what a mess the kitchen was in thinking I’d get around to it on Monday by which point I should be well rested enough. My alarm rang this morning and I got up just long enough to make it back to the couch. There we many many confusing dreams and if it weren’t for Mimi’s repeated attempts at waking me (I think it was her walking all over my face that did it), then I’d still be fast asleep well into Tuesday by now, which quite honestly, at this point sounds like a pretty good idea. But. must. resist. the urge. Tomorrow is the fabric printing atelier day with the other mentally challenged people. Can’t hardly wait. I hate going there. But I promised myself I’d give it an honest try so go I must. That is, if I actually manage to get a decent night’s sleep after this latest little marathon of mine. Sheesh.


3 thoughts on “Not That Kind Of Marathon

  1. It's good to have things you want to do or places you have to go…I slept until 3pm today and was grateful that I didn't sleep any later as I had an interview at 5 and needed to leave my house by 4:15.Sometimes, dreams are just better than reality.So, did you make it to the fabric printing class?

  2. natalie: the reason I signed up for all those activities is precisely so I'll have a good reason to get out of the house. Since I've been on leave, I've tended to stay indoors and not venture out unless I had an appointment, and even then ended up cancelling whenever I could. Hope your interview went well. Speaking of dreams, mine tend to be very strange and incomprehensible and rarely particularly pleasant, but one thing is for sure: DAYDREAMS sure are better than reality, yes. Did not go to fabric printing. Hardly slept that night and woke up with a migraine. In any case, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :-)And… pardon me for asking, but do we actually know each other in real life? Or… outside from this blog I mean? I'm a bit confused but either way is good. Love getting your comments!

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