In-Between Days

There are the ‘too good’ days. That’s when everything goes just a bit (or a lot) faster and the colours are almost too good to be true and too many ideas rush in at once to have time to express any of them properly, but they’re ALL great ideas. I wish there were more of those though they are considered detrimental to my overall mental health according to modern psychiatric standards.

There are ‘good’ days when I’m naturally inclined to do all the things I need to do to make myself stronger and more productive. I wake up happy to have a whole day ahead of me, get a lot of good things done and generally feel happy about just being alive. There are a few of those here and there with the emphasis being on the word ‘few’.

There are bad days. There are many of these. They come in such a range and intensity that it is impossible to describe in such a short blurb. Usually they are taken care of by the following:

Sleep days. There are many of these as well. My escape when all will is gone. Staying awake is impossible. Sometimes they can be replenishing, in smaller doses, though they tend to come in clusters.

Then there are in-between days which can be different combinations of the above, or neutral, or leaning to the darker side, or leaning to the lighter side or all of the above, sometimes in turns, sometimes more or less all at once. There are quite a lot of those.


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