Cats To The Rescue?

You’d think after nearly 30 years of getting my period it would have gotten easier by now, but no. If anything, it just seems to get worse. It tends to make me sick as a dog, like today for instance. I’m feeling totally exhausted, really weak and nauseous too, and don’t know whether I should eat or not. I got plenty of Thai take-out yesterday, on the mild side and not too spicy. There’s enough of it to feed myself for the next couple of days still but it probably isn’t an ideal choice today, so maybe I’ll just make some white rice. As soon as I manage to get off the couch. This is when I wish the cats could be more helpful. I keep asking Mimi to make me some tea, but she doesn’t seem to get it. She won’t even go out to get a carton of milk. How difficult can that be? Oh well. I guess that’s what husbands and boyfriends are for, but they’re much more troublesome to take care of than cats are. More demanding. And all too often, they want to be rid of the cats. Why am I talking about boyfriends anyway? Just the thought of it makes me feel even more nauseous. Off to make a cuppa tea, minus the milk. Sigh.

This too shall pass… This too shall pass… This too shall pass… This too shall… and then there’s menopause to look forward to. Argh!


2 thoughts on “Cats To The Rescue?

  1. My boys are completely useless at shores too. I put it down to that fact they were male but perhaps it's just the lack of opposable thumbs? LoL!Hope things get easier soon. Periods suck, but then not having them sucks too when we get older. Talk about a rock and a hard place!

  2. Pam: I'm fine by now other than the lingering migraine thanks. I think cats pretend they don't understand so we'll keep serving them, that's all. As for the monthlies, whether we get 'em or not, we're f****d either way, I absolutely agree! :-)

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