Facebook Ate My Blog

Sounds like the kind of line a kid would feed to their teacher, right? But I’m only half kidding. I’ve been on FB for countless years now, but wasn’t really active on it before fairly recently. It didn’t help when a jealous ex friended me when we were seeing each other and then tried to friend every one of my friends and said that it was ok that he otherwise only made friends with gorgeous single women (and indicated he was single on his profile) because I was friends with at least one man I had “known” in the biblical sense which meant I wasn’t being entirely faithful. Of course I’ve figured out since that he was the problem, not the tech, but at that point I just figured FB was more trouble than it was worth and mostly ignored it. Now I guess I’m feeling a bit more social. Enough so to share a few words with my online and real-life pals. Then Mimi joined the bandwagon, then we created our ‘Bi’ group and now not a days goes by that we don’t partake in some conversations or at least update our status. Never mind that the notion of privacy there is a complete lie. And never mind that people I used to work with now have access to my every state of mind; I committed career suicide quite a while back anyway. You have to admit it’s pretty exciting finding a friend who lives halfway across the world after 30 years and being able to casually chit-chat practically in real time. I don’t follow many fads online; digg, twitter, ning, friendster, geni, plaxos, you name it, they all want you to sign on and I just figure I don’t have enough energy and all too little interesting things to say lately to spread what little brainwaves I have around like that willy-nilly. Besides, blogging will always be my first love. I just had to come clean and say it dear readers, in case you haven’t figured it out yet: I’ve been cheating on you with Facebook. Moreover, and I hate to say it, but meeting other bloggers on there who are doing the very same… not naming any names though. :-b


7 thoughts on “Facebook Ate My Blog

  1. how come i can't see all of the post b/c it's cut off on the right hand side (the words are cut off).:( I have this problelm with all your posts….is it just me i wonder?

  2. Bob-kat: no worries, I wasn't specifically referring to you as there are quite a few others as well. And yes, I'm glad we can be in touch more often through FB. xx

  3. it's happened before from my MAC (apple) at home, but from work on my PC it's fine…odd….Brilliant post and so so true. It's like you were in my head b/c recently i've felt addicted to facebook and it's been hard to get myself to be good about writing a proper post. It's all instant gratification eh?! I started the fan page to try and entice people to my blog but i haven't had much conversion i don't think. Love the expressoin "committed career suicide"xo

  4. T: I'm working on a Mac too, so it's strange it shows up fine on your PC and not the Mac… huh…You're right about instant gratification with FB. I'm not a fan of Twitter, but I do like posting just a quick line here and there and it seems silly to do that on the blog all the time. About the expression, I doubt I came up with it but I'd say it's probably fairly accurate. Only time will tell of course.

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