Dogs Don’t Read Hemingway But I Do

In case you haven’t followed the entire drama, there is no puppy coming to live with me, at least not the one I had in mind lately. Seems the current caretaker decided I wasn’t a desirable candidate anymore and favoured someone she had just met who already had a dog, a house of her own and a yard. I’m all for the wellbeing of the dog, but who’s to say he wouldn’t be happier here with me with all the loving I have to give? SHE can apparently, because SHE knows dogs better than me (her words). She had a bee up her wazoo about me expressing doubts online and that got her worried that all her hard hard work at housebreaking the pup after finding him tramping in the streets would all be for naught if it came to live on skid row here with me. And we all know of course that housebreaking, just like rocket science, requires numerous degrees(!). I now call the woman in question The Dog Nazi, because she showed incredible prejudice and narrow mindedness and was most unpleasant about the whole thing. She dropped the news on me the night before when I called her at the last still acceptable evening hour as we were supposed to meet the next day. I suspect she had no intention of contacting to tell me about it first, and she was incredibly offended that I expressed my disappointment and wasn’t 100% supportive of her change of heart. She had loads of people wanting the super cute dog and ALL THIS POWER of being able to decide who deserved it most obviously got to her head. Well phooey to her and best luck to the dog is all I can say—in polite society when minors are reading, that is.

Speaking of, I’ve taken up reading books again, which though isn’t exactly earth shattering, still is news because for the past 6 months or so couldn’t seem to concentrate on a book long enough to read more than a page or two. This after accumulating a vast collection of “must reads” that are currently sitting in a couple of large boxes and awaiting a new shelving unit that my most talented friend K (my old friend K, not Nazi K obviously!) is designing and will put together for me. Of the two and a half books I’ve read so far (I’m halfway through The Old Man and the Sea which I started last night and finishing shortly), I owe Penguin a book review for Tracy Chevalier’s latest called Remarkable Creatures since I got it for free as part of the Early Reviewer program on Library Thing. I’m sure you can barely contain yourself with excitement at the thought of reading this review, so I promise I’ll post it soon-ish.

Off to join the old man and his giant fish on day two of his agonizing journey. I sometimes wish I could have been around when Hemingway’s work was new and fresh and revolutionary. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of his writing, but have a hard time discerning the extent to which he influenced modern writing since we, most of us contemporary writers, are influenced by him without even knowing it. I’m sure Hemingway isn’t too bothered.


3 thoughts on “Dogs Don’t Read Hemingway But I Do

  1. A staggering number of dogs and cats remain in animal shelters. There's a perfect pet out there somewhere waiting for you, should you come to regain your enthusiasm. I hope your experience doesn't dampen that.

  2. Thanks mum. I'm over it. Wasn't meant to be with this one is all. Jonas: one thing I know for sure: I'm getting a rescue dog. I agree with you that too many animals are in shelters because abandoned for one reason or another. I'll start looking up various sites soon. PetFinder is a good one because they link to countless shelters. I'll have to foster first to ensure it's a good fit with me, my cats and not least of all, my landlords. I'm not kidding myself about the cats though; they'll be seriously pissed off. Maybe that's why I'm delaying looking for now because Mimi and I are so close these days that I dread losing that bond when another 'kid' comes into the picture.

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