My Compliments to Keren Ann

You know I’m having a slow day when I don’t even bother to update my Facebook status—or get out of my pj’s for that matter—which I should point out, is a rare thing nowadays because I do try to at least get myself together and ready to get out at a moment’s notice, even if I end up staying in because my migraine threatens to make my brains explode or the need to sleep takes over…

I tend to listen to music quite sporadically lately. I blame the migraines for that as they make everything just seem like noise, a real shame considering the amazing selections in my music library. Today I was in the mood for something mellow and evocative, so I put on singer/songwriter Alexi Murdoch. His deep, rich voice resonates deep inside me and makes me long for things unknown. Though I look forward to his next project, I never tire of his album Time Without Consequence, which came out in 2006.

This was followed by another favourite singer/songwriter of mine, Keren Ann whom I mentioned here before (click here for the post). I’d be hard-pressed to suggest which of her songs is my favourite, but her eponymous album is a great place to start. Today I got my hands on her iTunes playlist featuring some of her biggest influences. I already knew and loved most of her selections, some of which were missing from my collection (I quickly fixed that), though I admit I’d never heard of Dayna Kurtz before and became an instant fan.  Of course I just had to share these gems, so sit back and enjoy when you have some time to spare (click on the links for the YouTube videos):

1. The Guest by Leonard Cohen
2. Ballade de Melody Nelson, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
3. Summer Wine, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
4. The Tennessee Waltz, Patty Page
5. Don’t Explain, Billie Holiday
6. Coraç ão Vagabundo, by Caetano Veloso (she lists the solo version by Veloso but this one sung with Gal Costa is also quite fine)
7. The Fairest of the Seasons, Nico
8. Venezuela*, Dayna Kurtz

* Let this one download fully before listening to prevent frequent pauses.

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