Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

It’s been a long time since I’ve made Easter eggs, but I found this neat trick while browsing on Etsy, where a seller was offering little Silk Dyed Easter Egg kits at a great price. You don’t have to buy a kit to do this; all you need is some scraps of silk, cotton squares, and twist ties. Ugly old silk neckties are the best and the patterns and colours they’ll leave behind on the eggs are always surprising. You just wrap the eggs in silk, cover tightly with cotton, secure with twist tie, then boil in water with vinegar and voilà! Gorgeous Easter eggs. If you want more details go see Martha’s instructions and video here. I did this with my friend K and daughter E and the most fun part was unwrapping each egg one at a time to find surprising results. One of the eggs turned out to look like a Japanese print and we almost fought over it, so I took plenty of pictures (see below) and now everybody is happy. This is one project I wouldn’t mind turning into a tradition… Anybody have ugly old silk ties to get rid of? Send them my way!

Easter Eggs_6169

Easter Eggs_6164

Easter Eggs_6176

Easter Eggs_6197

Easter Eggs_6191

Easter Eggs_6234

Pics by Smiler


4 thoughts on “Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

  1. mum: that's the one K and I almost fought over. "Fought over" is pretty strong, but after capturing it from every angle, I was fine with letting it go. It's a really simple process and unwrapping the eggs to discover the imprints is like Christmas in April! Just for example: the green one with pink and turkoise (which looks most "Easter"-like was made by a really dark tie in which you could barely see the detail. Neat eh!Emm: Next year maybe I'll invite the girls (and you of course). That would be a fun activity for us! In the meantime I'm thinking we should all get together here and paint or something. I'll run it by everyone in a group email.littlewolfe: maybe I'll keep practicing through the year so that by next easter they'll be almost perfect!

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