The Story Of Bottled Water

I posted the video “The Story Of Stuff” a couple of years ago, and The Story of Bottled Water, made by the same team was a timely reminder to me to get my a** in gear and buy a reusable bottle already. Up until recently I was still using plastic bottles albeit very occasionally and reusing them for months, which still makes for too much waste for my liking besides the fact that they make water just taste nasty. My excuse for putting off the eco-friendly purchase was I didn’t know what kind of bottle was the smartest to get because there are so many out there and all kinds of controversy about leaching chemicals and whatnot. Since I’m an eBay user, I looked up what was available there and after some online research to read up on reviews, opted to buy Klean Kanteen bottles which besides having plenty of positive reviews, seem like a good option because they use non-toxic 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free polypropylene for the caps, are easy to clean with the large mouth and rounded design, and because they don’t use any plastic liners, they apparently leave the water clean-tasting over long periods of time. The fact that they have lots of  cute colours and a clean, no-fuss design also appealed to me. I got a couple to ensure I always have a clean filled bottle ready to go. Klean Kanteen is not the cheapest option, but I figure I’ll be making so much use of them over time that it’s well worth the investment.

Please note I have no affiliation with Klean Kanteen and in no way receive monetary or other compensation for mentioning their product.


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