365 Days of Creativity

Giraffe Drawings_3784

One of my friends, K, whom I had originally met in a painting class said something on Facebook just a short while ago about looking forward to starting a new art class as she hoped this would get her painting again, something she’s been finding hard to do lately. I understand the frustration of wanting to create things and feeling held back by lagging motivation. In my reply to her, the idea just popped into my mind that maybe I could start a group and/or blog where people would be encouraged to post a creation every day, in whatever medium they choose. Back in March, I blogged about wanting to find a project that would entail me showing my creations on a daily basis and gave myself a month to think about what I could possibly want to do every day for at least 365 days. I set myself a deadline to figure out what that thing would be: April 11th. This date is fast approaching and up until today I’ve been dreading it. Making that process interactive and having other people contribute their own creations too however… that seems a lot more exciting to me. I’m thinking that a group effort will encourage participants to keep going and stay motivated if only for the pleasure of sharing their creations with others.

I’ll think this over and share what format this group/blog will take on (making it user-friendly being a priority), when the start date will be, as well as how others can join me in this project, etc this Sunday April 11th. I’m hopeful that others will want to start this 365 day adventure with me or at least participate occasionally. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment—I’d also be curious to know what you think you might like to contribute, though I encourage everyone to participate in whatever medium they are most comfortable with, be it photography, painting, drawing, knitting, doodling, poetry, design, recipes, short stories, music, sewing, videos, haikus, baking… basically ANYTHING that is your own creation and which you can show others via internet. Anyone from beginner,  or amateur to professional is encouraged to participate. We’re not looking for perfection; participation is the only goal and any kind of effort will be encouraged. Suggestions are welcome.

Whether there are other participants willing to start on Day One with me or not, I’ll set the whole thing in motion in hopes that others will want to join along the way, though I’d love it if at least a couple of people joined from the start. Are you in?

This photo by Smiler was originally  featured in this post.


6 thoughts on “365 Days of Creativity

  1. Creativity365, I'm down wif dat.One of my first thoughts was, 'might be able to pull-off one sorta good thing a week, but only one just-a-thing per day.But then I glimpsed at the bigger picture. Even with inevitable days of producing some WTF?!s, there is a chance that come d366 the whole could be greater than the sum of its parts. Won't know if I don't try.Awesome idea, thanks for the invite, consider this my RSVP.(also, captcha was 'glitio', an omen of the WTFs to come)

  2. Yay! And now they were two… and they told their friends, and they told THEIR friends, and they told THEIR friends, and so on. Creativity365 is a cool name. Short and to the point. Plus, I googled this blog title and your suggestion and the latter doesn't show up on the first Google page which it to my liking. So we've got a name and two participants… that's a lot farther along than this idea was just a few hours ago!I had the same qualms about what kind of quality work can be produced on a daily basis but this exercise is about more about the process of staying in touch with creativity and as you so rightly say, it's all about the whole as opposed to just the sum of the parts. Besides, nothing keeps you from working on parallel projects over longer amounts of time if you'd like to have the chance to develop ideas a little bit further. That's what I plan to do, in any case. Now I'm just curious anonymous: will you tell me who you are??

  3. Trée, it's all coming together and for now, just sit back and relax. The official start date is Thursday, April 15th. In the meantime, I'm preparing a little text to explain what this project is about, which I will very soon post on createthreesixty5 (dot com) which you can just bookmark—it's just a blank canvas right now, but I'll be adding stuff in very soon and strongly encourage comments. You'll see changes happening on this blog too very soon too so stay posted! Really glad you're in on this. Woohoo! :-D

  4. Hi Ilana
    This is amazing! I love it! Do you mind if I share this with other people? Your attunement to process could inspire others who see themselves as “stuck” or “blocked” . You inspire me! All the best with this project and come and say hi when you’re around.
    ps love seeing the familiar projects ;)

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