What’s In a Name?

Oops, I liked creativity365 and creative365 as possible names for our project but now that I’ve googled them I see there are lots of blogs by that name already. Figures. Guess we’ll have to come up with something a little bit different though I’d love to keep it short and snappy. Once again, ideas, input: most welcome.

Another idea that popped in my head regarding this 365 project is that nothing stops participants from showing works in progress or even maybe… things they find inspiring (would that open the door to all too frequent cop-outs, I wonder?)

In any case, I’ll keep posting ideas as they come along and and hope this might generate lots of feedback and will sum it all up in one neat post… well probably never, come to think of it because this is the kind of thing which by definition is a work in progress, but I’ll at least try to provide helpful guidelines and instructions when the time comes.


6 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Mum: as I mentioned in the previous (original) post about this project idea, just about ANY creative endeavour is good, just as long as it can be shared on the internet. So photos are great. Wordplays, flash stories (or whatever super short stories are called), original thoughts, also counts. Frequency is up to you though of course I encourage participants to join the full 365 day ride, but of course there are no obligations. I'm starting to look into how I'll facilitate this whole thing to automate simple manoeuvres (such as user ability to post directly, which I will obviously still have to moderate). Basically I want to make it as user-friendly as possible from A to Z and that includes G for guidelines.Pini: that made me LOL. It's an original name and a tempting idea too, so if that's how you'd like to contribute, you are more than welcome to. I'm sure that domain is available, but somehow 182.5 seems less catchy than 365, yes?

  2. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I don't think I'm the most creative person around and certainly not on a daily basis (work sucks all my energy along with chores) but I would love to contribute when I can :)Good luck with this project. You sound really positive and motivated and that's great!

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