More Video Blogging

I won’t lie to you: the image quality is HORRID and it’s like shake n’ bake to watch, but considering I’m just experimenting with Qik Video which is an iPhone app and that it’s just giving me a taste for showing moving images, it’s a pretty neat way to get started. I made the following clips this afternoon coming back from my last jewellery introduction class from the winter session at the Visual Arts Centre.

The following video is even rougher than the first two as it was VERY windy outside and I’m still figuring out the settings for sounds & everything else. And by the way, the site will already start looking MUCH better as of tomorrow as I’ll be experimenting with simple & tasteful ready-made themes. It’s all moving along nicely and consider this entry to be the official announcement that I promised I’d make exactly one month ago!

By the way, don’t look for parts 1 or 3 for this latest video as I decided to spare you and deleted them off my phone after I nearly fell asleep viewing them myself. Had a lot of fun making them anyway! :-D


5 thoughts on “More Video Blogging

  1. Whenever one of my cats tangled himself/herself 'round my ankles, pressing jaw against bone, I pondered the fact that they were "scenting" me. They were marking their "domain", their turf and fiefdom. My cats considered me "theirs". Their possession.I always kinda liked that.

  2. I love homes where the walls are festooned with artworks, where shelves bow beneath the weight of books.There aren't all that many, sad to say.I feel at home in spaces like that. I feel the presence of a tender soul. I am comforted by that.

  3. littlewolfe: Shena & Adam were such a great coincidence! Especially since hardly anyone talks to each other on the streets here. She seems like quite a talented artist, check her out when you have a chance. Jonas: As much as I want to have a dog too, I feel so honoured when my cats are affectionate with me… it's nice to feel "chosen" by these finicky creatures. As for my home, It's funny because I've always longed to have 2 homes: one similar to this one, but maybe a country house loaded with fun "finds" and a mix of influences and another very slick, modern & spare space. But I do love my home. It's my healing cocoon.

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