Pirate Marketing: A Definition by Smiler

The following as submitted, accepted and soon to appear here on urbandictionary.com

Pirate Marketing

What’s the definition?
A term describing the so-called “marketing strategy” of spammers who “advertise” or plug their products and services by using people’s email addresses to send out bulk mail messages to all the contacts they’ve hijacked, pretending the email was written by the person who’s identity they have hacked into. This is done to suggest a person has tried and tested the product and to spread bogus word of mouth virally. This is entirely fraudulent and can potentially hurt a person’s reputation, but thankfully this method is used by individuals and groups who are just as stupid as the people they are trying to scam (i.e. catering to the lowest common denominator). For this reason, the spam message itself is usually as easy to detect as the cheap knockoffs (or stolen goods) they are trying to unload on unsuspecting victims. According to Wikipedia, spam averages 78% of all e-mail sent.

Here is a prime example of pirate marketing allegedly sent from a friend:
beginning of spam message, i.e. pirate marketing/
From: V. (name and email address of my friend) Subject: Re: Date: April 18, 2010 12:41:30 AM EDT
how are you ?
Just received my iphone 3gs 32gb from this website. www (dot) acmespammers (dot) much cheaper than others and genuine . if you would like to get one,you can check it out.
V. (name of my friend)
Messenging on your phone = MI on the road. Try it now!

/end of spam message, i.e. pirate marketing.

List at least five synonyms, antonyms, related words and misspellings, separated by commas. (limit of 20)
spam, junk email, bulk e-mail, third-class mail, unsolicited, word of mouth, viral marketing, hacking, pirating, hijacking, privacy violation, identity theft, counterfeit, bogus, brummagem, deceptive, ersatz, fishy, fraudulent, misleading

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