Moving Pains

Ok. So it’s official. I’ve now redirected traffic from my old Blogspot blog to my own domain, now hosted on WordPress. To the average reader, this should make no difference whatsoever. Same blog, same content, new digs is all. For me it’s a huge switch and a brand new learning curve. It had taken me a while to get my clean, uncluttered template just as I wanted it, with fun little widgets with pretty images in the sidebars to click on and lead you to other stuff I found interesting. I have to figure out how to do all that on a completely different system and it will take a while until I’ve got it all figured out. So the template or “theme” as they call it here on WordPress isn’t quite what I want it to be. Yet. It’ll come in due time. So for now, why don’t I pour you a cup of tea or coffee while you settle down for a while and have a look at my archives. There’ll plenty more new content soon enough, though I admit most of my energy at the moment is focused on the project. If you haven’t checked it out or contributed yet, what are you waiting for? We’re not expecting you to post masterpieces there, just simple doodles or snaps, or a simple rhyme or inspiring image will do just fine*. Don’t be scared of the “C” word… Creativity is meant to be fun and simple. It only gets complicated when you start over-thinking the whole thing. Trust me, I know a thing or two about that… ;-)

p.s. don’t forget to update your links and bookmarks to this new domain address. You can also subscribe to this blog to receive email updates with every post, once daily, or on a weekly basis!

* A simple comment is always appreciated too!


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